Recochoku Interview (2010.07.07) — Album song’s description and all sort of stories!


Interview / Review

Translated by waratte and kikinus

YUI “dashed to Shibuya with [her] fans!”

Song descripion from the person itself and all sort of refreshing stories

??2?3??????????HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN??????????????????????????

??After 2 years and 3 months, the Album “HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN” has been completed.  Your smile on the Jacket Photo is beautiful.


We were having the photoshoot in Chiba, but I felt that the nearby beach was a good location too. It was a fun and energetic atmosphere, which is why I was able to smile and be spontaneous, I think.


??Could you please explain the songs from the album for us?

??to Mother????????????????????????????????????????????????????

As for “to Mother” I thought of trying to fix my eyes on myself and the people close to me. Mothers hold greatness, I wrote this song about this feeling.


??”again” was your comeback after your break, wasn’t it.

?? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????(?)? ?Parade??”???????????????????????????????”?????????????????????????????? ????

Yes. I wanted to write a song that reinforces the feeling to always do your best one more time. The song is stuffed with fast words, so the first time you sing it you might mess up (laugh).

As for “Parade”, “If you were in love, you’d want to make a parade out of it, right? But when it’s a secret love, it’ll be boring”. I wanted to convey such a girl’s feelings. I think it has a new bright sound.

??Are there any lyrics comming out from going to Shibuya?


Yes. Time ago, after I bought a CD I thought of goint to see a Live, The beginning was drawing near too so I was impatiently waiting for the traffic light to change. Then, someone told me “please give me an autograph” but since I had no pen, I said “Let’s go to the assembly hall” and we dashed together (laugh)

??That’s very amusing!

?(?)? ? ?Shake My Heart????”???????????????”?????????????????????????????????????????????? ????

(Laugh) As for escar, The beginning of love, not being able to confirm reciprocal feelings will make you feel nervous. It’s originated from Enoshima ESCAR (song name’s). Continuing, as for ?Shake My Heart? “Truly, the most desired thing is not freedom” I sing about this. When you really wish for something, it is natural to have restrictions and to have to be patient. It’s what I wanted to say.

??”GLORIA” is a song with very strong message too.


?I do it?????????????????????3??????????????????????????????

I looked at students prepairing exam’s phrase “I gotta do my best”, sympathizing, I felt encouraged to work hard too. I wanted to write a song to push your back to the correct way.

“I do it” is my first self-cover, from when I visted the 3 girls from Stereopony at the Okinawa Studio. The song was born by chance.

???Please Stay With Me????????????????
??”Please Stay With Me” is an awfully painful balade, right?

?2???????????????????????????????????????????”??????”???????????????????SUMMER SONG???????????????????????????????????????????

I also felt an awfully painful feeling when I made the rough version 2 years ago. I preserved that mood. The lyrics are straight about an “I want to be with you”-kind of feeling.

???SUMMER SONG???????????????????????????????????????????

To continue, “SUMMER SONG” is the oldest single on the album, but that’s because I wanted to make an album with a summer feeling. That’s exactly what I thought.

??”Cinnamon” is a heartwarming love song.

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????

The song is about calling the person you like before going to bed, and feeling anxious if they wont pick up. But I tried to write from the opposite point of view. The truth is, I thought that if you consider that they might not be answering the phone simply because they’re sleeping, it could bring some relief.

?Driving Happy Life???????????????“??????????????????????”?????????

“Driving Happy Life” was a little before I got my license, and I wanted to sing, “I can go anywhere because there’s no dead end, is there”.

???It’s all too much????????????????????
??The topic changed to “It’s all too much” as a movie theme song.


In the beginning I was making a different song but, I willfuly made one extra song (laugh) and I told to Supervisor-san “please listen to this song too”. When this song was decided to be used I was so happy.

?????????Kiss me????
??Now, last is “Kiss me”.


Opposite to the title, this is a painful song. Since I consider a Kiss as a confirmation of each other’s feelings, If there are lies, it’s wrong. I wrote this song with those thoughts in mind.

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