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???????????? ????????again??
???????????????to Mother?????
?????????????? ????????????
????????????????? ??????
The appeareance of popular actor Satou Ryuuta on YUI’s Premium Live!!
The opening song of a popular anime, the big hit “?again”,
The personal composition played by herself on piano “?to Mother”, singed with enthusiasm!
Also, paying respects to the deceased Imawano Kiyoshiro’s famous song
“?Ameagari no Yozora ni”, she will performance the cover on TV for the first time!

In the talk, A complete analisys to her personal life with gossips from YUI’s close friends of her staff!
Satou Ryuuta was surprised for the unexpectedly full of honesty YUI!
Also, A valuable clip and a big audience “YUI’s recalled songs she earnestly listened in her life” (Too hard for me sorry -.-)
Don’t miss it!


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