ROCK IN JAPAN FES. 2010 – Quick Report


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Translations by azmikun & mellody

[Throughout six consecutive years, I got a chance to perform in ROCK IN JAPAN! and the weather always great, even today’s weather is great. Though in a short time, let’s cheer up~]… Yeah, SOUND OF FOREST was estabilished from 2005 and for the next 6 consecutive years, there’s somebody who always sound off her voice in SOUND OF FOREST, YUI.

At a glance when we watch the performance, before the show starts, FOREST was filled with many people.
With a long dress blown by the wind [Ah, it feels so good!] even though it’s hot, please cooperate with us!] YUI said that and soon the first song starts “GLORIA”

The sound of clapping hands and shouting everywhere, continued with another clapping hands. The pleasant voice and song go through every place softly, the sound of acoustic guitar with a mild wind from the jungle are mixed up together, spreading out to every corner of Hitachinaka.

“CHE.R.RY” and “SUMMER SONG” as pop genre, heartfelt ballad “to Mother” words by words sung slowly. It seems now the forest fairy are protecting YUI existence. Although there’s a bit problem with the equipment but without any worries [it seems there’s a bit problem…(looking to the audience) ah, there’s a child, is he/she okay? so cute~ (waving hand)] with all of her soul she enjoying the contact with the audience.
[Part 2] with the sound and jazz master in YUI hands, starts with “” rock ‘n’ roll mode starts and continue with “Rolling star” also “Tonight” heating the atmosphere in FOREST!

For the last, again with the acoustic guitar “Good-bye days” played. With YUI recognizeable voice, along with emotional atmosphere… it’s ended. After 2 years and 3 months, the album “HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN” which has just released, shows a great quality of songs, in this album [the songs] we can find a very good attitude and strong act.

When YUI walk leaving the stage, every people there must be wishing [7th appearance] for YUI performing again next year!

(Takahashi Tomoki)


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