Saji Norihide blog (2017.08.21) — FLOWER FLOWER’s Summer




Yesterday I performed with FLOWER FLOWER at SUMMER SONIC 2017 Osaka. Thank you very much.

The summer with FURAFURA when Mannequin was released

Yesterday, we performed at SUMMER SONIC Osaka on a stage called WHITE MASSIVE. To think we were headliners… Even with other artists I never had this experience, so it was a really fresh feeling.

Again we got to do an encore. I was happy. It was a warm and fluffy encore.

Also, as for the last song in the original setlist, I thought it was perfect for a summer festival. I wonder why? It had a “everybody, rise up!” kind of feeling.

It already feels like ancient history, but “Mannequin” was released this month. Actually, it hasn’t even been 20 days! lol

The summer when FURAFURA started with the release of mannequin, will end shortly.

It’s true that we haven’t appeared on many TV broadcasts of festivals, but releasing Mannequin after having performed it live, 3 years after the band’s formation, and also thinking about the summer festivals, I really get a feeling of accomplishment. Thank you very much.

Yesterday, Foo Fighters were performing right behind us. So sad, I wanted to see them…

When our performance ended, we watched the rest of Foo Fighters on the TV screens in the dressing room. As I thought, they are so cool. Moreover Foo Fighters is also “FF” lol It’s the same! Well, It’s just my one-sided realization. Lol

Tour with androp next month.

Changing the subject. Next month we will tour with androp. It will only be Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka, but I’m looking forward to it.

I’ve had connections with androp band members for a long time, and to think we are doing a concert together is hard to believe! I will talk more about it in the future.

Tomorrow I’m doing a small trip. Please enjoy what’s left of the summer.

See you later.


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