Staff Diary (2009.10.21) – Discovery!


Translations by Fujii_Itsuki



Good evening!!


Tokyo have been having continuously clear autumnal weather recently
and it has certainly made the days considerably easier to go through.

Today, while organizing some CDs,
I discovered the Korea and Taiwan versions of ?again?!

user posted image

“YUI’s songs have even manage to reach people from various countries,”
was what I thought to myself. It made me happy!

Also there’s another one!

?It’s happy line?
The sale of it was limited to Kyuushu only at that time,
?It’s happy line?

user posted image

It’s nostalgiCD isn’t it? (laugh) <–NatsukaCDdesune…Natsukashii(nostalgic)+CD~

The movie ?Kaiji? which have started its screening,
It seems many people have enjoyed it, which is great!

Everyone’s thoughts on it,
We look forward to them with a zawazawa anticipation!

Dewa dewa, Adieu~n!

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