Staff Diary (2010.01.06) – Mug cups!


Mug cup!

Translated by Fujii Itsuki

Everyone, good day!
It’s cold isn’t it~~.

Seems like the genuine ‘Winter General’* has arrived,
Is everyone healthy?
(*a phrase used to describe a severe cold weather)

Well then,
The special prizes for the application postcard included in the CD,
The ?mug cup? samples have arrived today so
I wanted to report this to everyone!


????? ?For guys?

????? ?For girls?

Music Video????????????
These ?mug cups? are perfect for the season!
In the Music Video, Hayashi-kun and Okamoto-san too,
The scene where they were drinking something warm certainly gave a big impression didn’t it?

????????????? ??200????
“We want to give out as many presents as possible!”
with that idea in mind, ?Male?Female A total of 200 people?
will be receiving them as presents!

It has really become colder lately,
Drink something warm (particularly students preparing for exams!)
And let’s try our best~.

Dewa, dewa

(*’yu’ kanji for hot water/spring)

?For more info on how to apply for the mug cups,
please refer to the ?INFO? tab on the left side of the page (YUI-net).

More info about the mugs in the forum!