Staff Diary (2010.06.20) — ?Parade? from ?HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN?


?Parade? from ?HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN?
Translated by waratte

? ???????????????
Mina-san, konbanwaa!
Were you able to relax this weekend?

thank you for the many messages!

(?)???????? ??
We have been reading them
during work breaks…
(tears of joy) They’re encouraging

Now then, starting today,
explanation of a song from
the new album “HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN”

?????????YUI? ???
This time, due to the high praise of YUI’s words,
we think we should introduce them.

Today, the third song in the album,

??????? ???
Please imagine..
This song is “Parade”…



? ?????????????!
Everyone loves parades, don’t they!
Despite this, secret love is no fun!!

????????YUI??????? ?????
Both the lyrics and tune of the song express a new side of YUI.

?? ???????????????????
The lyrics “Can ‘going out’ be kept a secret?”
might surprise you, but the song is a casual number.


Certainly, please check out the album ok!!

We will steadily explain
the remaining songs too.

dewa dewa.
Until this time tomorrow, let’s do our best~