Staff Diary (2010.06.29) — TV!!


Translated by waratte

Summer is steadily approaching !!
Mina-san, are your summer plans perfected?

?Music Lovers?????????????
Now then, yesterday,
we went to record Music Lovers!

Those who came to see it, thank you very much.
The atmosphere felt like that of a live performance.
On the guest-side of the musical performances, please look forward to the broadcast.
Immediately upon the decision of the broadcast day, we will post a notice in the Media section.
Even though it’s pre-recorded, it has a live-air feeling, certainly together let’s rise to the top!

Also, today, we went to the “Bokura no Ongaku” rehearsal?
This time, we had the privilege of collaborating with some great people,
and even though the tension was raised, YUI truly enjoyed it.
It was so much fun, she was skipping or something…
and a flower bloomed on her hat or something…

The broadcast date for “Bokura no Ongaku” is Friday 7/16. Please look forward to it.

dewa dewa ?

dewa dewa FORUM!