Staff Diary (2010.09.29) — Thank you ?Takamatsu?! And today ?Kobe?!!


Thank you ?Takamatsu?! And today ?Kobe?!!

Hello everyone!

The tour is going well!! Continuing to burst open!!

It’s the turning point of seasons, but regarding your physical condition,

Are you all well?

Now then, yesterday, ?Takamatsu?.

Filled with deep emotion, it was the best! (tears)

So much fun~!!

Everyone in Shikoku, thank you very much!!

This assembly hall…, It was really exciting!

It was the best performance for everyone in ?e.u.Band? too!

Also today, ?Kobe?!

With the sound check finishing favourably, preparation is complete!

Today, from the immense atmosphere of the assembly hall,

I’m really excited!!

Everyone, let make some great memories together.

Dewa dewa.

Today too, best regards.


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