Staff Diary (2011.01.08) — ?It’s My Life?MUSIC VIDEO


Translated by VisualRage and azmikun

???1?26??????????It’s My Life??
MUSIC VIDEO???????????
On the 26th of January is the release of “It’s My Life”
Yesterday we were shooting the MUSIC VIDEO.

It was very cold, since early morning it was below -3 degrees in the warehouse in the metropolitan area,
we started shooting (the music video)

On the previous day, all of the staff
had put together the set inside the big warehouse.
The set is very colorful!!



And full of girls power! speaking of that
this time,the horn section of ORESKABAND came and participated
SAKI-san, MORIKO-san, HAYAMI-san
and regular e.u.Band members MaiMai and ARISA,
new bass player RIE-san,
in guitar is Ishibashirisa (from I MY ME) *or aimaimi

The actual place is very showy and bustling / busy.
The faces of the Staff looking at the monitor
were overflowing smiles from beginning to end too.

The shooting is making good progress,

???????????It’s My Life??
we changed the date (of this shooting), but we finished all the scene without problem.
I think we were able to expresse a very fun work on first-rate pop tune “It’s My Life”


It was a really cold day,
but to all of the photographing staff, members
Really thank you for your hard work!!
Thank you very much!

??????????MUSIC VIDEO??
The explosion fo Girl Powers Music Video,
even just watching it, it will become a spontaneus fun feeling
Without a mistake!!
Please look forward to this video!!

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