Staff Diary (2011.01.26) (2) — In the release day… We recalled Sweden


In the release day…

We recalled Sweden…

That’s why, although it’s sudden,

YUI in Sweden ??????????????????
We looked for some “Funny pictures” of YUI in Sweden
and I thought of uploading them.

It was cold, but

Having fun and more fun…

It was a trip full of smiles.

?Your Heaven?????????
The process of bringing “Your Heaven” to life,

I felt it very close to me.

????????It’s My Life / Your Heaven???
This time’s single “It’s My Life / Your Heaven”

took a big effort since last year… We, the staff too
packed a lot of emotions in this single.

In this work, YUI put a lot of passion in it.
She is self confident about this work!

I want this to be heard by a lot of people!

Please, check it out!

However, YUI have been
laughing and smiling beautifully lately don’t you think?!

We have received energy too!!

Well then, I’m sorry for the long entry!
What do you think of the pictures?

Please take care of your health~

Leave your comments in the forum!!