Staff Diary (2011.04.12) — Thank you very very much!!!!


Thank you very very much!!!!
Translation by waratte and Hirotana

Today we are going to introduce the birthday presents YUI received from fans from all over the world!

We also receive many presents from everyone in Japan every year too.
Since there are so many of those, it’s not so easy to introduce them all, but they definitely reach us!!
Thank you for everything!!!

The rest they wrote in English :D

Hi, everybody in the world who are always supporting us !!

Today I will show you YUI’s birthday presents sent from
all around the world on YUI’s 24th birthday.

This is amazing original CD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
???????????? CD??

We really enjoyed these music!!

Cool inside!!!

They can use Japanese too…..SUGOI…..
???????????… ???…

From Indonesia !!!
High quality photo book.

We really wanna say thank you to eveybody…
This book is unbelievable !!!!!!!!!!!!

From Brasil.
Beautiful !!! ARIGATO~~~

We have no word to express our gratitude.

Thank you!!!!!!!

We always hope things are going well with you.

Sincerely yours.

After all the work, fights and frustration, our feelings of appreciation and admiration had finally reached YUI-san and her team.
I’m really happy that I had the privilege to meet so many talented and awesome people in this community. Although we had never met eachother, I’m very grateful of your daily company, and that after all this time, I can call you my friends. Thank you, YUI LOVERS!


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