Staff Diary (2011.06.05) — MSta’s dressing room report


MSta’s dressing room report.

Good morning everyone!
It’s Sunday already. (Tears)

Today, facing tomorrow
I feel like refreshing myself

Very well, Today we will make a report
of the very popular MSta’s dressing room.

Well then. *Don!*

In the morning, taking a rest in the dressing room…
YUI looking like poored from the sink.

Breaking slowly into make-up.
At first, the bangs looked like this!

Then, they started cutting.

In the wink of an eye, was steadily completed.

Somehow, “topknot” (hairstyle)… (Haha)
A treat in the spirit of fan servie…

In this way, YUI’s bangs appeared.


Friday’s performance at Msta
was really beautiful right?

Also, thank you for all your messages!!

????????Paradise Kiss??
From today the movie “Paradise Kiss”
Starts its screening, so please check it out by all means.

We count on your support~!

That’s all


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