Staff Diary (2011.07.08) — Special Concerts in Miyagi Schools


July 7th

Translated by pm_monkey and Kikino

July 7th, 118 days from March 11th (day of the earthquake)
YUI and everyone from e.u.Band went to Miyagi Prefecture.

From Sendai Station we first took a rental bus south to Minamisanriku Town.
We witnessed from up-close the dimension of damage caused by the tsunami.
We felt pain in our chests.
You couldn’t find the words for such a spectacle.
The scenes we saw on TV have not changed since then.
The removal of rubble by the Japanese self-defence force and volunteers,
and the reconstruction of roads and buildings still continues.

In these circumstances,
YUI visited restarting schools.
Isatomae primary school in Minamisanriku.
Here, pupils from Isatomae and Natari primary school
are having classes in the same building.
When they had a recess, we gathered in the gymnasium.

Everyone sang YUI’s songs and also “tsubasa wo kudasai”.

Our next visit was to Utatsu middle school.

We were allowed to sing during the lunch break
Everyone was very cheerful
We even had an encore, thank you very much!!!
We took commemorative photos together with Abe-kouchousensei (school principal) wearing the “Kizuna” (bonding) t-shirt.

Abe-sensei is living together with his family in this school.
For a little while, we talked with the director
about many things in his room
Thank you very much!

The final visit was,
Kesennuma Nishi high school located to the north of Minamisanriku Town
We sang together in the courtyard after school.

Many students gave us a warm sendoff.

We visited 3 schools and thought,
no matter what, the students and teachers have always been smiling.
Also, everyone was very welcoming.
It lifted our spirits.

Regarding the Tanabata festival on 7th July,
bamboos were placed everywhere,
on a tanzaku (small strip of paper), we wished for “quick reconstruction”
Many were written.

We should all be strong.
Let’s do our best together.


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