Staff Diary (2011.07.28) — Prairie



Translated by YUI-Lovers

?JOIN ALIVE???2???
2 days after ?JOIN ALIVE?.
YUI went to the prairies in Hokkaido
for a certain shoot.

Once again in the darkness of the night 3 am.
Preparation started in this cool camping car.

Slowly, as day breaks,
The edge of the large prairie slowly came into view.

Along with the sunrise, we started the shoot.

The photo shoot was a game with the sun, even with clear weather girl YUI ! !
Without the help of the staff, the sun made a magnificent appearance.

One scene from the photo shoot.
YUI and Icchy? and Super Hair & Make-up Youji
bodyguard style ! !

Youji looks strong, doesn’t he~.

Going to the station near where the shoot took place.
a track that makes you want to sing,
?The tracks continue~ to the horizon~
Listen to the song here

Taking the picture of this track, Icchy? and Youji
and slightly sideways YUI.

The photo shoot that began at dawn
ended without problems when the sun went down.

I think we will be able to notify you the details of this shoot soon,
so please look forward to it!!!

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