Staff Diary (2011.10.21) — Home Page Renewal!!!



Home Page Renewal!!!

Hello everyone.

How’s the new HP?!

MESSAGE BOAD????????????????????
We are happy to see all those responses in the message board!!
Thank you very much.
Aproaching the release of the album, we renewed the website to fire things up
We will make progress little by little so please look forward to it!!

Also, along with the website renewal

?Lock On??Music Video??????????
Lock On music video is being exhibited.

Please watch it too!!

And and!!

????????HOW CRAZY YOUR LOVE????????????DVD?????????????
The contents of the DVD in the limited edition of the album HOW CRAZY YOUR LOVE has been announced.

???????????Hong Kong HOTEL HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN????????????????????????????130?????DVD????
It will be a DVD of 130 minutes with YUI’s first overseas concert in Hong Kong mingled together with documentary scenes.

Please look forward to it?

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