Staff Diary (2011.10.29) — One After Another.


One After Another.

Translated by Kicchan

?YUI 5th Tour 2011-2012??????3?????????
Good afternoon everybody.
?YUI 5th Tour 2011-2012? will begin in about 3 more weeks!
YUI has been rehearsing everyday for the tour,
but yesterday she appeared in NYLON!!

Minasan, have you all seen it?
It’s about a “very seasonal looking [perhaps fashion wise] YUI that can confuse/surprise [people] on the streets.”
You’ll be able to see a new side of YUI.
Please check it out ?

???????ROCKIN’ON JAPAN????????
Also, ?ROCKIN’ON JAPAN? was released today

the 28th ORISUTA was released too!

These volumes has YUI on the cover and interviews,
This time the talk was about thoughts of the album,
so please check it out by all means!!

It’s become really cold hasn’t it?
Please, let’s take good care of ourselves.
Well then, have a good weekend!!

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