Staff Diary (2011.11.08) — Around CD Shops


Around CD shops

Translated by kikino and @traces_

We have received lots of warm cheers for the album ?HOW CRAZY YOUR LOVE?
Really, thank you very much!
Once again we deeply experience the feeling of reaching out to everybody.

Okay, YUI is in the middle of admirable rehearsals facing the 5th tour to begin in 1 week,
but we still went make a visit around CD shops as we use to!

We went to Shibuya, Shinjuku and Ginza
In all the stores we visited they made big instalations!

Flag boards and panels!

Warm messages and big panels.
We managed to meed and greet the staff and personal who made this for us.
“If it’s an introduction for YUI’s album, we will write as much as we like!”
For such a happy offering, our tears and gratitude flooded x2
Tank you very much for always writing these great introductory essays.
Please, everyone, try to visit the stores and read them.

Standing in front of the big panel… YUI herself!!
…the truth is, she was checking a magazine with herself on it (Haha)

We also got YUI to sign the big panel.

A peace sign from the panel ?

To wrap up. please pay a visit to the CD shops personally!
Thank you very much for all the comments and messages regarding the album.

Next, the lives where we can directly reach out to everyone (the tour) will begin!!
We are sorry that the places are limited, but please, do look forward to it!
We will make situations similar to the images in the CD jackets!
What kind of concert will it be…?!
We are all looking forward to meet with all of you!
Dewa dewa~

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