Staff Diary (2011.11.16) (1 & 2) — Tour Day 2. We’ve arrived at the arena!!



Tour Day 2?We’ve arrived at the arena??
Translated by pandas who read this scare me

Today is the second day of the tour in “Shiga Prefectural Art Theatre, Biwako Hall” we’ve finally reached it??
Wow?Behind the hall Lake Biwa??
Raising the tension a snap of the band members having fun.

Well, the rehearsals will start soon.
Everyone in Shiga?
Lets enjoy ourselves??

New Icchy?
(new staff Fukda Shinichi)


The preparations for the second day of voyage has been completed?

Even with Lake Biwa behind us we will still be cruising?

Now, its time for us to be board next??
Everything has been setup already.

All that’s left is the everyone’s cheers.
Everybody are you ready????

Well then, it’ll begin in no time.

New Icchy?


Come join us in the forum?