Staff Diary (2011.12.07) (2) — In the Dressing Room


???? (2011/12/07)
In the Dressing Room

Translated by Hatsumichan

Before getting makeup done, Yuppii Noodles?

Before getting hairstyling done, Yuppii Noodles??

In front of the computer, Yuppii Noodles???

Before our concert battle, Yuppii Noodles????

Of course, in winter, it’s Yuppii Noodles?????

So good!!

To everyone, please have them in all different kinds of situations too?

All you students preparing for exams! Before you study, Yuppii Noodles, before your test battle, Yuppii Noodles?

Go Go? (chanchan is kinda like… “to properly go do something right now” after you have heard information so that’s why it’s translated like this)

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