Staff Diary (2011.12.17)(2) — The 13th Day of the Tour is the Fukuoka Performance



???13????????? (2011/12/17)
The 13th Day of the Tour is the Fukuoka Performance.

Translated by Hatsumichan

Good Afternoon!

At last, today is the performance in YUI’s hometown at “Fukuoka Sun Palace Hall.”

At the venue, a lo~ng line to wait for goods is forming.

Yuppii has also donned a “donburi” (bowl), and is welcoming everyone as the locals do?

The venue is also facing the ocean, and it is certainly perfect for cru~ising?

There are quite a bit of clouds… but pray that it will not turn into rain.

I hope that this will become a cru~ising that will remain in everyone’s memories?

Here’s one shot from the Nagasaki Performance the other day.

From YUI’s point of view, it looks like this.

Well then, Onyuu??

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