Staff Diary (2012.01.19) — Budokan Day 2



???2?? (2012/01/19)
Budokan Day 2

Translated by Hatsimichan

It’s the 2nd day of Budokan.

While the national flag, exuding a very impressive aura, is watching over us,

we turn towards the 2nd day, and rehearsals have started.

On the first day, on top of the stage that we “scaled up”

YUI and the band put on a wonderful performance?

Lock On??????????
The Lock On dance was also done by all of Budokan

and a wonderful sense of unity was born

wasn’t it?

Well then! Budokan Day 2

YUI, who’s looking out over the empty venue,

is totally fired up!!

Let’s have a fun Crui~sing today too???


~ ~ ~


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