Staff Diary (2012.01.27) — Thank you very much!!


Thank you very much!!

Translated by Hatsumichan & kiki

Good afternoon!

Without any problems, at 21 locations across the country,

all 22 performances have finished!!

The last day, at the Okinawa performance,

some people who appear in YUI Diary every once in a while,

tour staff Watarucchi and

our roadie (road manager), Attsuttsu, called out to YUI,

and quickly took part in the concert as LockOn Dancers lol

The venue was also at it’s highest excitement level!

To everyone who came to this tour,

and to everyone who cheered for us on the message board,


truly, thank you very much!!

Starting now, little by little, as I slowly recall this,

I’d like to look back on what’s happened.

Everything started here?
November 10th, right before the tour, at the last dress rehearsal

The first time the staff lined up together

prayed for a successful tour

and started the last rehearsal.

That day it got cold all at once,

and the spare heater was prepared and brought out.

Final checks, meetings, and corrections were repeated over and over,

and two days later, we set off around the country.

So that’s it for now,

the continuation will be next time!!

This is the tour staff pass

We made one for YUI too?


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