Staff Diary (2012.04.23) — From the Currently Recording Studio…



Translated by Hatsumichan

From the Currently Recording Studio…

Everyone, Hello!

How are you doing?

It’s raining in Tokyo.

In this season, every time it rains, it gets a little warmer

so the seasons are continuing to change huh…

Well then, well then, the other day, when the YUI team

gathered at the office for an interview,

we held super hair and makeup artist “Youji-men’s”

birthday party there.

At the young age of 38, he’s the father of two.

Isn’t that wonderful~!

The interview team for the magazine was also

surprised at how young Youji-men is~!

Youji-san, thank you so much for everything!!

We are filled with only gratitude!!

It’s nearing the end of April already huh (tear).

It’s gone by so fast~.

The other day, the display board that I saw at a flower shop in town

was close, but not quite right (lol).

In a little bit it will be “GW” (Golden Week) too.

One by one, let’s properly finish up our work~.

Well then, well then.



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