Staff Diary (2012.08.28) — The release is finally next week!



The release is finally next week!

Hello everyone!

Are you guys in Okinawa doing good with the typhoon?
Watching the news makes me worry…
Well then, Lately, YUI’s team have been doing business meetings
going towards the next project.

Scenery of a business meeting with Takamiya and Tanaka-san from 67531Graphics
and Tiger Woods?! Together with Stylist Obayashi.
(Kinda sloppy translation I dont get what tiger woods is doing in that sentence)

They are all giving their best
while escaping from the intense heat of the sun rays!

Yesterday, YUI went to a TV recording after a long time

Everyone, “fight” will finally be on sale next week
Pñease, we count on your support!




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