The story behind CHE.R.RY — B-PASS April 2007



I’m sure many people know this story, but now if someone ask you “Where did you hear that?” you will have a proper source.. xD
This is an excerpt from an interview published by B-PASS on April 2007 regarding the release of CHE.R.RY
Translated from Akabaneouji


If i’m not mistaken, I made this song when I was also doing the second verse of another song. At that time, I had certain images first, and then made the songs, so I thought I should relax a bit and do this the way I wanted. I wanted to make a song with a key that is different from those I usually use. I thought I never made a song starting with the F chord. I wasn’t trying to be malicious, but since I manufactured it from a petty challenge I managed to do the melody at once, I could see it flowing softly. So as I was working on it I kept thinking “Ah, I made a very refreshing song, It feels so good”

The chord progression when I sing is my own target, so to speak. The development of the point where the first melody changes into the second makes me excited. The chorus also has many contrivances, right? Although it has 4 patterns. I don’t think I haven’t made many songs like this, but I guess that’s good?! Also, when the melody plays alone it reminds me on the beach of Shingu. It has the refreshing feel of the sea. When I play live I feel like we should just play an acoustic version. It’s a song I would like to play on a road trip, for example.

As for the image of the song, it’s something like waiting for somebody with your phone in your hand at the train station or the coffee shop, or waiting for your lover to call you back. I wrote it thinking of someone waiting for their loved one to call. Trying to convey the nervousness of waiting for something.

What you have to say is difficult, but the words from your partner afterwards are also important, right? I wrote the title CHE.R.RY thinking of the anxiety of that wait. With the image of a bittersweet unrequited love. So, the truth is that the dot between the letters also have the meaning of something bittersweet.
I heard the dots are used in letters and such in certain foreign countries. After that I added the dots and somehow it resembled a cherry. I liked how it felt so I decided to name it that way.