yui Diary (2016.10.20) — New single!



New Single!

Good evening, it’s yui.
Everyone, are you all alright?

I wasn’t able to update the blog for a good while, but I’m very happy that I could release the first single “Takaramono”
At first, the bandmembers and I discussed about making a rock song with an uptempo beat, but in the end we decided to release “Takaramono”
The autumn atmosphere is taking over lately, so I think it’s good that the melody is fitting the mood of the season.

I also had the opportunity to answer some mail interviews.
I have the utmost gratitude towards ROCKIN ON JAPAN and B-PASS who are always supporting me.

The lovely CD art design was in charge of by BUCCI-san!
For the artist picture photoshoot, the staff brought some flamingos, thank you very much.
The session was in charge of FURAFURA’s A&R. He is a very talented person.

Also this time, we moved the blog!
I hope to tell you many things here as well.
I hope you can support me from now on.

It’s been a long time since the last update, so there are many topics I wanna talk about.
I was really happy about the release of Takaramono, and in the midst of it, a new member appeared in my family!
Many things happened in the blink of an eye, and that left myself very surprised.
I feel great happiness by telling you all about these lovely feelings.

The activities of FURAFURA will continue at our usual slow pace.
Please keep supporting us!!

Source: FF Diary 


It is not clear what yui meant about her family. Did she just give birth again? Is she announcing a new pregnancy or she just bought a pet?
To me, it would make sense if she gave birth recently. That would explain why Sony decided to remove the pictures she got herself taken at Tower Records and Tsutaya. That would also explain why she looked more chubby than on the official pictures.
It’s kind of frustrating that she is “happy to share these lovely feelings” but at the same time she is so vague about the things she says… anyways, that’s yui.