YUI and Bicycles


If there is one thing every fan should know about YUI is that she loves bikes! (There are other things she loves, though. But this is what this article is about.) There are many kinds of bikes out there ranging from mountain bikes with aggressive frame geometries and some powered with electric motors with other technical features. You can read more about this on ScooterAdviser. But Yui likes the classic designs, which suit her personailty very well.

There is a couple of interviews where she talks about it.
For example she mentions it in Tokyo Walker (July, 2010).

“As usual I like to explore the neighborhood by riding my bike. I always plan to go buy a McShake. The other day I went all the way to Ginza and came back drinking it (Haha).”

For some reason the image of YUI drinking a McShake while riding a bike felt a bit bizarre… This is another story from JILLE magazine (July, 2010).

“I got a driver’s license, but I don’t drive farther than just going to shopping. When traveling far I unexpectedly choose to use my bike better. One time I went from the metropolitan area to Yokohama’s Chinatown. I felt so energetic all night until dawn (Haha).”

… that’s kinda crazy.

I wonder if she used to do that kind of stuff by herself?
I always had an image of YUI being very independent and carefree. I wonder if she’s got used to the family life…

Original transcript: Akabaneouji