yui and Elephant Kashimashi at Arabaki Rock Fes18


2018.06.24 Arabaki Rock Fes18

At this festival, Elephan Kashimashi made collaborations with several artists.
When yui’s turn came, she said that at Ohara Break, a couples of months back, the two met, because murajun played for them, but at that time, Hiroji Miyamoto, the vocalist, didn’t really look at yui when they talked, so she thought he didn’t like her.
Fortunately that was not the case and Miyamoto invited her to join them this time, which made her very happy. To the point that yui asked him if she could grab her sempai by the shoulder while singing, which seems to have taken him by surprise.

Song is called ????? (Tsukiyo no sanpo)
yui can whistle really well!

Click on the following link for an HD file.