YUI Announces Hiatus from Musical Activities



Everyone, hello.

This is YUI.

Today, I have a little something to tell.

I, YUI, did activity as YUI for the past  8 years,
Through a lot of encounters with you all, staff members and everyone who has been involved with me, I have seen new things that I want to challenge, So I’ve decided to take a break in preparation for that.

I think once again, I will make you all feel worried, but I’ve decided this with positive thoughts, So I thought it would be nice to transmit this decision to you through this writte message.

Though the form of my work may change, I want to do a lot of fun things through my precious music, so if you like, from now on, please continue along with me.

I will keep updating my recent status, through the diary and such.
Please support me from now on.



For a more extensive discussion about this matter, please visit the forum.