yui Announces Marriage and Pregnancy



Vocalist and guitarist of band Flower Flower and former solo singer yui announced on Friday that she has married a man outside of the show business industry, and is currently pregnant.

As a message to her fans, she wrote,

My partner is someone outside of the industry. In addition, I have been blessed with a new life inside of my stomach. I think there were quite a few people who were worried about me, but I couldn’t find the chance to convey my current condition. I want to say thank you as well to the band members who cared about me even though I couldn’t perform as I wanted due to illness… I still have worries about my health, but I’d like to do my best while being careful of my condition. I’d be very happy if everyone would watch over and protect me with warm eyes.

The 28-year old singer suffers from panic disorder.

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One day later, a very rude article was written on a couple of tabloids by an annonymous author.

2015.04.18 newspaper pregnancy

Newspaper article clarifies some details.
(Source is not clear, so take it as a gossip. Also consider the article was written on a very mocking tone)

Title: Shotgun Wedding

Her husband is a man in his twenties, working at a construction-related company.
They met through the introduction of a common friend.
They “developed into companionship” last September. (Could mean they started dating officially, or they engaged by that time.)
yui is currently 5 months pregnant.
They married at the end of March.

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