YUI Diary (2009.12.25) – Merry Christmas!!


Merry Christmas!!

translated by Fujii_Itsuki

…but it’s already over isn’t it?

How did all of you spend your Christmas?
Those that were busy working, otsukaresama deshita!

For me, I ate some Christmas cake earlier!
It was delicious..

The other day, my new song ?GLORIA? went on-air and
we received lots of comments on it, thank you!

?????Music Video??????????
Also, the ?Music Video? have been completed!
Please look forward to it okay?

Dewa, dewa, I’ll report back if there is anything new!



*otsukaresama deshita = Thanks for all your hard work
*Adekuri = Adieu + Kurisumasu(Christmas) XDDD

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