YUI Diary (2010.04.12) — ?to Mother?


?to Mother?

Translated by MrSean

Good evening everyone, it’s YUI.

?to Mother???????????
It’s a bit sudden, but we finally managed to finish the new song!!
It is called “To Mother”
It’s a slightly down tempo feel in the melody
that I have become very proud of.

Recently I’ve had the opportunity to do a lot of songs
for other projects, but this time it was more
something for myself, something I have carefully considered,
and thought about writing.

This title’s literal translation “To Mother”
Mothers, of course, in a broad sense,
as far as everyone listening is concerned
feel a “She’s great” kind of affection
if you repeatedly listening.

I want you all to hear it soon!
Please look forward to it!!

dewa dewa, let’s all stay happy.




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