YUI Diary (2010.05.16) — Good Evening!


Good evening.

Translated by waratte

It’s YUI.

Mina-san, is everything going favourably?

It’s quite unexpected but,

?STAFF DIARY??2010-5-12 00:25???????????
In the Staff Diary uploaded on 2010.05.12,

I looked up to admire something as we by chance
happened to pass by the front of a merchant shop.

It was a peculiarly-decorated doll ! (I was a baseball player?-like doll !)

Occasionally there are interesting attractions on the street, aren’t there?

Like I was saying !

After John Mayer’s LIVE,

the moment seen in the photo was a casual one~.

dewa dewa, mata mata !



The photo is of the latest CD I’ve listened to.
“Ai no Wa” by Hanaregumi

I have often listened to a song called “Kazoku no Fuukei”~.
The new album was great too, invoking warmth and the desire to have a good time.

dewa dewa~!


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