YUI Diary (2010.07.06) — Campaign!



Translated by tabemono-ni-naritai

Good evening, everyone

Its YUI.

¿Are you ok?

Today I was in Nagoya for the (promotional) campaign!

Radio and TV recordings. Intrusion into music stores, live broadcast open to public, total coverage (of the album contents?), etc. My agenda is full of events!
(personal take on the last part)

Nozaki-san, from Sony Music Nagoya, thank you for your assistance!
I’ll be counting on you for tomorrow as well.

I found a famous product of Nagoya in a convenience store, Cup noodles Sagakiya

Cup noodles Sagakiya

Tho it can’t be seen, I ate for lunch the famous product in Nagoya, Miso nikomi udon

Miso nikomi udon

At Sony Music Nagoya, gratitude board.

Sony Music Nagoya

With the always assisting radio show’s “Sayubara-DJ” Sayurin-san

With Sayurin-san

After the end of the campaign, I received chicken wings

Famous product from Nagoya, Chicken wings

Chicken wings

I did nothing more but eating delicious things but, I also participated in recordings!

ZIP-FM?BEAT JUNCTION????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
I participated on ZIP-FM?BEAT JUNCTION? a live broadcast open to public, to all who rushed to see me, to all who listened and to the helpful staff thank you very much!

Tomorrow again it’s campaign in Nagoya!

Dewadewa everybody, Let’s have fun tomorrow too!




The other day we went to record “Bokura no Ongaku”!

Bokura no Ongaku YUI

I played along with the usual members, this time I played a session with everyone from BOGUMBO3!

??????YUI BAND????
Bokura no Ongaku YUI BAND members

Bokura no Ongaku BOGUMBO3

A conmemorative picture with BOGUMBO3

It became a day full of contents

I’ll be happy if you check it the day of the broadcast!

Dewa dewa!