YUI Diary (2010.07.15) — HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN?? (Visit to music stores)


Translated by skinnyTakashi

????????HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN???????????????
New album HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN had been released!!!

A lot of thoughts have been included, I made it thinking of an album that could make you happy when you listens to it.

To the staff involved, (band?) members, everyone who supported me
Really, Thank you so much!

Lots of ideas and a desire to have a good time, I even thought of cramming a hand made portion.

By all means, while driving, in your walkman or anything. if you listens in all kinds of situations it’ll make me happy.

I’m full of gratitude for this album release but, since there are still a lot of fun things, I feel like working hard towards the next stage.

I’m looking forward to festivals and tour, I wish that all of you to have the greatest summer too!

Thank you for all your comments too!
I’m so happy.
Again, all kind of feelings, try and post comments about anything ok?
Thank you for everything!

Dewadewa Adeys



This time too we went to intrude into CD store-san!

Looking at the lined up CDs, that feeling of “It’s released for real~!” grew on me.

I felt a really happy feeling!

Member Maimai(Dr) came in a rush too ?

This time too, thank you, Akagawa-san!

Also, to everybody in the the CD store’s staff, Thank you very much!

Continuing for a long time (laugh) I’m counting on your support ?



Just a little, I had the privilege of doing a clerk’s impression(laugh)

It was fun~?

fun fun forururum fun forum ?