YUI Diary (2010.08.11) – ROCK IN JAPAN Fes.2010!!


ROCK IN JAPAN Fes.2010??

Mina-san, Konnichiwa.

I had the privilege of participating in 3 summer festivals,

We had a lot of fun in the blink of an eye right?!

To all who participated, to all who supported me, really, thank you very much!!!

It would be nice if I had such a fun summer next year too. I get excited just thinking about it.
I’m hasty right? (laughs)

????6?????????????ROCK IN JAPAN Fes.??
And, for 6 consecutive years I’ve had the privilege of performing at ROCK IN JAPAN Fes.??

This time too there was very good weather
Before the live I was exhausted, but in the usual pattern, saving my energy, I enjoyed myself.

Even though there was equipment trouble, I really enjoyed the live!

I really feel a deep gratitude to all of you.

Thank you very much!!

As still more hot days continue, let’s take care of our health.

Dewa dewa, adieu.




Fair weather!!!

Just before LIVE!!!

Assembly hall atmosphere.

Assembly Photo!!

Bass Backy-san, Drums Mai-mai, Keyboard Arisa-chan, Guitar Kuro-chan, Manipulator Youko-chan, Stylist Datecchi, Datecchi’s assistant Ena-chan.

Festival T-shirt designer, Yoshie-san

I had fun!!
Thank you very much!!!

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