YUI DIARY (2010.09.01) — Headphone model photoshoot


Translated by waratte

Everyone, are you doing well?

I am getting nervous as the tour approaches.

Meanwhile, I’m having fun doing full days of recording and rehearsal!

Tour goods and es.car choreography have been unveiled!
The various things, I’ll be happy if you check them out!

The choreography is surprising!? It might be difficult, but by all means try it~!

Dewa dewa, as the hot days are still continuing, let’s do our best to take care of ourselves!




I tried to take a picture of the headphone model during the recording.

Excellently compatible guitar and headphones.

MashuKeshuHai (Speaker) and headphones.

Doorknob and headphones.

Water and headphones.

Also, Yahagicchi.

And Y-shirts and me.

Yes! (laugh)
There’s no significance.. way of no plan as always.

Further, Stylist Datecchi informed me before, I went to the RNA (apparel) exhibition,
Afterward, I got overalls!

Thank you very much!!

Dewa dewa, Everyone be Happy?

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