YUI Diary (2010.09.23) — Nagoya! Sendai!!


Nagoya!! Sendai!!

Translated by NorthernLight[Zzz]

Minna-san Konichiwa


Things are going smoothly during the tour!
The recording that are going on is going on smoothly too

I’ve enjoyed the two days in Nagoya !

I’ve tried the chicken wings too!

Sendai too, I’ve enjoy being there too

“Will I be able to try the beef tongue?” I thought. Our tour manager, Wataru-san (born in Sendai) bought me beef tongue for lunch!!
In the shinkansen, the beef tongue’s scent is smacking one’s lips on our way back

I really enjoyed the tour, the various scenery and the atmosphere, I’ll cherish it

Everyone who came, everyone who came to support me
Thank you very much

I hope the tour will continue to be filled with fun

dewa dewa, everyone, please take care of your health during this change of season

Adieu (oh, first time in hiragana?)


P.S. The atmosphere during the live



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