YUI Diary (2010.09.25) — New Song!!


New Song!!
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Translated by NorthernLight[Zzz]

Minna-san, konichiwa

YUI here

It had turn cold, are you taking care of yourself?

Meanwhile, we went to Sapporo!

Since I thought it would be cold, I wore thick cloths,but I was surprised that it was colder than I thought

??????HOTEL HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN????????????????????
But, Everyone’s stays in Hokkaido’s HOTEL HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN was warm!

Nitori Cultural Hall

It was really fun?
Everyone who participate, Everyone who cheer for us, thank you very much!

By the way,
although we are in the middle of our tour, the new song has been completed!

The title is ?Rain?
You will be able to listen to it soon, I hope you would look forward to it

Next, it is Hotel Kagawa!

Everyone in Kagawa, I will be looking forward to meet you!

Dewa dewa, let’s be careful of catching a cold

Ah chu~



Nitori Cultural Hall’s atmosphere

Sapporo’s atmosphere 1

Sapporo’s atmosphere 2

dewa dewa

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