YUI Diary (2010.11.20) — The Web Page Has Been Renewed!


The web page have been renewed!

Translated by Kicchan

I felt happy when I opened the website and it had changed (lol)

Thank you very much.

?????STAFF DIARY??????????????????????????????
Icchi! thank you for updating STAFF DIARY with “Looking Back at Budokan”!

Recalling the Tour, a lot of things comes to mind!

????“??????”?Play You.??????????????????????????????????
Also, Thank you for your comments regarding Walkman “Play You” Project video clip!

It was a very paceful photoshoot, so even though I felt nervous, I was able to express my feelings in words often.
Thank you very much to everyone in Walkman.

I felt happy after i’ve been told by friends and acquaintances that It’s beign projected in Shibuya!

Anyway. Once again Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

Adieu ?



Lately, I’ve been listenig to a CD from the band “Murahashibu”

It makes you happy to make a new discovery right?
I really enjoy being at the CD store ?

Dewa dewa, being Happy?

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