YUI Diary (2011.02.23) — 6th Anniversary!!


6th Anniversary!!

Translated by kiki and mostly panda

Good afternoon. I’m YUI.

I have finally approached the 6th anniversary since my debut!!!

Thank you so much for always, always supporting and helping me!!

When I had my 5th anniversary I was filled with feelings of gratitude,
From now on, I feel motivade to mak a lot of good things with everyone.
My wish for to everyone to advance everyday with feelings of happines.

From now on, I kindly beg for your support!!

Let’s go Mecchanko-Happpy-chan today too?

Dewa dewa, Adieu 6th anniversary!



Yesterday we had a rehearsal after a long time with everyone in e.u.Band!

Everyone was lively and we were able to have a fun practice.

????LIVE DVD?????????????????e.u.Band???
?HOTEL HLIDAYS IN THE SUN???????????????????????????????????????
Also, everyone in e.u. band who’s wonderful performance is shown in the LIVE DVD
will be commemorating the release of ?HOTEL HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN? Setting off the ~nationwide journey of encounters~ !!
To all those who still don’t know, please click the e.u. band banner on the homepage!

There is a video edited superbly by MatsuP!
Thanks MatsuP!

… on a totally different topic but, during rehearsals I really wanted an effector for my acoustic guitar..
Kurochan’s effector is so nice~
(YUI is jelly for kuro chan’s effector XD)

??????YUI RADIO??????????
After the rehearsal, we recorded YUI RADIO!
I will probably sound really exhausted again (lol)… However, definitely look forward for this to be uploaded!!

Recently, little by little, it is getting warmer because of this I have been getting in having walks.

Walking as if your legs were your second heart, moving your body is the secret to be healthy. (I dunno if its a joke [like YUI pretending to be a personal trainer] or not but YUI says ????? which is pretty masculine thing to say.)
In places like the park where the air is becoming clear, its such a nice feeling.

?????????????????????????????(><) ?????????????? Over there I found the flowers are blooming but is this a plum plant? I feel the petals look like the cherry blossom’s!! I’m also looking forward to spring! For hay fever sufferers its a difficult season (><) but
when it becomes spring I want to go flower viewing?

Dewa Dewa this is becoming a long post but, please take care of me for the 6th year too!!

Adieu~ for the second time!!!

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