YUI Diary (2011.04.14) — Hello!!



Minasan, are you all ok?

I feel like my energy is rising-kusu!

Lately, Icchi has been playing adding “kkusu” to the end of the words.
It seems like he’s playing with a kid with that word !
Everyone, let’s popularize this wordkkusu! (lol)

Lately it’s been interviews (and maybe photoshoots) days.
I feel nervous by the summer-feeling western clothes and hair styles?

From now on I want to wear a straw hat at summer festivals!

Also, in the meantime, it was the birthday of Datechi and Youji-san, so everyone made a cellebration!

Youji-san’s birthday is the 19th, so it was a little early!

Youji-san, Datecchi, HappyBirthday

Datecchi was really happy for all the messages and greetings?
She sent a message too!

To everyone, thank you for your warm messages.
It is the first time that so many people congratulate me this way,
so I’m deeply moved. Please keep supporting me.

This said, Datecchi & Youji-san, Happy birthday!!

By the way, Today 14th is Hisashi-san’s birthday!!
There are lots of celebrations in April ne?

Dewadewa, be Happy today too?




I went to a concert of bianconero after a long time!

With bianconero

Feeling the same as usual, we spoke nothing but Hakata dialect. lol
They gave me energy?

???????STAFF DIARY???????????????????????????????????
And also, Birthday presents sent from all over the world were presented in STAFF DIARY.
Really really thank you so much!!

I’m always grateful.

I wish for all of you to become very happy?

Dewa dewa!!


The weather was good, so I went to take a walk!

The sakuras and their beauty healed me?


I also took a picture of this cute flower-chan!


That’s all!

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