YUI Diary (2011.06.01) — HELLO!!!



Translated by Kicchan & azmi & Hirotana

Everyone, good evening.

Are you healthy?

It’s YUI.

????????HELLO?Paradise kiss??????????
Today, is ?HELLO?Paradise kiss?? first day of sales!!

I’m happy for that?

Also, the movie Paradise Kiss starts showing on June 4th.
I wish you to invite your family, friends, lovers, and their friends (haha), and watch it together. ?

I think it’s a movie that will make you feel Happy!

The temperature is vehement nowadays,
Let’s take care of ourselves (^^)

Dewadewa “I will take you to Paradise”Adieu. Haha
That’s long~



Music Video???????????????????????
The day before yesterday I went to the movie’s premiere event, yesterday I went for TV recordings~!
I performed together with the band members of the MV.

At the premiere event, I performed at C.CLemon Hall after a long time!

Paradise Kiss Event

With MV members

It is a venue where I held concerts before, I felt a somewhat happy feeling after a long time.
At the event, sweetbox-san made a fashion show along with her songs. It was gorgeous and fun?
They let me sing after the movie ended.
Everybody in the venue was clapping hands with me, they were so kind!

It was a preview of a movie, so I recalled a little of the times of Taiyou no Uta?

Members of the staff who came to the venue!


From the left, Takaki-san, NakaB-san and Ejinara-san

In NakaB-san’s shoulder there was an arrow sign!

Arrow sign

I liked it so I took a picture

Also, Hair stylist, Youji-san and Azu~

Youji-san and Azu

Today, I felt very happy
everyone too let’s be Happy-chan (^^)

dewa dewa ??

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