YUI Diary (2011.07.06) — Flipping a Table in Anger ?


Flipping a table over in anger?

Translated by T-Party

Good evening, everyone.

It’s YUI.

Are you all doing well?

Since I came back from Hong Kong, song production has progressed calmly?

I have been getting to see a lot of lives,
RADWIMPS-san, Sato Yoshinori-san, a friend’s live.

Each live has various excitement~I think.
Wandering around the live house,
you can feel the many different sounds of people performing.
I also love the pressure of the sound waves that come from the front of the speaker.
But occasionally after a live, you can get a ringing in your ears, so be careful!

Also, the stages!
Kudou Kankurou-san is producing a song,
“Sad Song for Ugly Daughter.”

With Mukai Shuutoku-san in charge of the music, such a terrific combination was stimulating.
With each live together a story begins to unfold at the assembly hall,
I could feel the unique excitement in the air.
Time and time again I wanted to see the stages.

Later, after a long time, mountain biking!

Finally I got my hands on my own bike.
On a mountain near Mt. Fuji, the air was truly refreshing?
It’s good to occasionally do some Forest Therapy and refresh, isn’t it!

Well then, It looks like I’ve written a rambling diary?

Everyone, while it’s hot let’s take care of our health~?



Pictures taken previously but unshown!

This first one was taken during rehearsal for Hong Kong.
Fender employee who came for guitar maintenance Watanabe-san, Guitarist Kaji-kun, and me.

Another scene from rehearsal.

A moment for breaking into relaxation mode?
After working for a long time every day, lying down to take a breather can really heal fatigue?

Capo case from always helpful roadie?
He made a capo holder for me!
It sparkles?

Now that I have this capo I won’t lose it!

Capo holder!

During rehearsal, iPhone apps “Instant Yakisoba” and “Flipping Over a Table in Anger” became popular?

Too much “Flipping over a table in anger” could lead to muscular pain! lol
During rehearsal my best record was about 57~.

Dewa dewa, mata mata ma~ta?
Let’s be happy?

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