YUI Diary (2011.07.13) — Tanabata Day


Tanabata Day.

Translated by pm_monkey, nana, panda, hirotana, waratte and kikino

Everyone, good afternoon.

YUI here.

Everyone, didn’t the summer get hot quick?
I am very healthy ?

Recently, I’ve just been working.
Rehearsals for summer fest will soon begin.
I’m looking forward to it ?

Now then, for the title theme.
For Tanabata day I went to Miyagi prefecture.

??STAFF DIARY????????????
It has already been written about it in the STAFF DIARY.
We went by car towards Sendai
The boundary line of the damage caused by the tsunami was cleary noticeable.
Like the spectacle I saw on TV, the rubble is being removed is little by little, the greatness of the damage yet remains.

Of course I was expecting to feel many emotions,
That day, I wanted that we all could sing together somehow or other.

This time, I sang on a primary, middle and high school in the break time.

Everybody in the primary school was so full of energy and her smiles were beautiful.
In the middle school everyone greeted me so gently.
In the high school everyone was standing in the courtyard clapping to the beat, it was very warm.

There was true power of kindness in everybody’s faces.
In the other side I was really encouraged by them.

This time GIP Watarucchi, from Sendai also helped me, he accompanied me in the last nation-wide tour.
When I arrived to Sendai he told me “In Sendai, we had shortages of food, water and electricity too, it was a really troublesome”
Last time I went to Sendai, I felt the need for steady recovery, but from the last visit, I felt a different atmosphere.

I have always thought carefully, but this time again it was a really precious encounter.

Although there are times when we’re feeling down, I think it’s the best to do things spontaneously with energy, and give priority to the things that you should do, and do it with great care.

Even though everyone probably have times when they experience this,
I think they should spend everyday lively and smiling naturally.

Thanks for looking after me, Watarucchi, Yamauchi-san
Everyone from Isatomae and Natari primary school
Everyone from Utatsu middle school!
Abe kouchou-sensei (school principal) who wore the same t-shirt!
Everyone from Kesennuma Nishi high school!!
Thank you very much!!
Everyone, from small children to high schoolers! Thank you very much!!

I also read the letters!
Thanks so much!!


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