YUI Diary (2011.07.16) — Rehearsal Start!!


Rehearsal Start!!

Translated by waratte

Starting at last!!
summer fest rehearsals!!

YUI here.
Everyone, are you doing well despite the heat?

Rehearsal is enjoyable and going favorably!
In the start of rehearsal, Youko-san brought a banana peel…

No one slipped on it !! lol

Also, the guitars became too hot!

Often the members and I have been wearing T-shirts,
but at today’s rehearsal, Kuro-chan and I
wore ROCK T-shirts and Dickies as our uniform!

As rehearsal continues, I want it to do so peacefully and enjoyable, I think?

I hope everyone else can enjoy it too?
Well then, Photo Diary adieu!



????????Honey Bee Studio??????
After rehearsal, in the evening we moved to Honey Bee Studio
to see Hisashi-san and production work.
We delivered a letter to Hisashi-san that was entrusted to Youko-san.

It was sent safely!
Youko-san delivered it!

After that, with work progressing favorably,
Hisashi spoke interestingly with a serious facial expression.

This day too advanced safely and favorably!!


?Imitating Hisashi-san’s blog!


?Imitating ARISA’s blog?

Dewa dewa!!

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