YUI Diary (2011.09.01) — Interviews



Translated by kiki and waratte

Good evening.

It’s YUI

Minasan, are you all doing fine?

A typhoon is approaching right?
Let’s take care of the rain and wind!

Meanwhile, I came to Sony for interviews!

Isshi, Icchy and Teramocchan~?

We talked about several topics?

Please I hope you to check it out!

And when I went to BOSS office to aimlessly say hi, I got this.

At BOSS office there were many of these, I wonder why is he keeping them?
But they had a nice fragance?

Lately, recording days keep passing by ?

I wish I could write many interesting things in my diary every day~ So I look for amusing things, but I can’t find many~

I think it would be nice if I could make the diaries last with a loose feeling.

Seems like the cold is going around!
Everyone be careful.

Dewa dewa, adieu.



Since there was a whiteboard in the interview room, I drew on it??

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