YUI Diary (2011.09.21) — Rainy Tuesday


Rainy Tuesday

Translated by cyclo

Good evening everyone.

How did you spend this rainy Tuesday?

Working? Resting?

I went for television recordings and coverage.

After that, I went with Isshi and teramocchan to a Chinese restaurant to slurp on some ramen.

Speaking of which, both Isshi and Icchi had suddenly changed their hairstyles.

Icchi strengthened his perm, while Isshi cut his ponytail off.
It was an amazing image change. Nice~

I only managed to take a photo of Isshi though…

It’s become a little colder, and a little quieter too eh.

There are lots of delicious foods during autumn, so I feel like I’m gonna get fat.

Yupyup, in the spirit of experimentation I tried to cook some tomato spaghetti yesterday.

I tried adding roquette while cooking the tomato, and salt and pepper, and thought the flavor wasn’t strong enough so I tried adding the tare sauce for Yakiniku.
… It was an accidental success.

It’s different from the correct way of cooking but, well!

I think next time I will study carefully, and properly make delicious tomato spaghetti.

Then, though it’s a completely different topic, I’m reading Isaka Koutarou-san’s [Golden Slumber]

As expected it’s got a really crafty atmosphere!

Speaking of which, it seems like this has become an ending diary entry.

The typhoon is also here again.
Everyone, let’s be careful of the typhoon ok!!

dewadewa, adieu.



I’ve read this message.


Today something splendid happened and I wanted to share it with YUI-san and STAFF-san, so I am writing this comment.
I have provided shelter to various people who have fled from Fukushima prefecture after the great earthquake.
On that day, they came on many bikes and cars to the convenience store I was working part-time at.
From their appearance, I thought, they were probably people who have fled due to the earthquake.
There were babies too, there were people of all ages.
After I knocked off, I bought large amounts of warm canned coffee and handed it to them.
“Are you from the Tohoku region? Please stay strong. I am rooting for you.”
On the way home, I kept thinking over and over about how regrettable that I could only do so much.
And so I decided to let them stay for the night.
For half a year since then, I have not been in contact with them.
I wondered, they probably still haven’t found a place to settle in, and that it would be good if they are not having any troubles.
But today, I was awoken by the sound of the intercom.
Out into the hallway, came a paper bag and a memo.
I hurriedly chased after him in the rain.
But I wasn’t able to meet them.
There was no contact address on the letter.
But it was more than enough knowing that they were doing fine.
The letter read “… Fukushima has not recovered yet, but I will stay strong, thanks to the strength your kindness has granted me.”
Half a year has passed since the earthquake, and I, who did not suffer from any direct impact, have slowly begun to forget about the earthquake and the many people who are still faced with many troubles.
I am ashamed of myself.
I hope that the day where all of Japan will be able to smile will come soon. Until then, I will support that with all my might.

I was extremely moved.
It evoked feelings of warmth and kindness,, and also brought the meaning of relationships to surface.

I wondered if I’ll be able to carry such courage?

I wish everyone will be able to spend everyday in bliss.



The full text from the comment on the BBS:

2011.09.20 17:57
NAO ( ?????? )
(Saitama Prefecture ? University student)

Nice to meet you. YUI-san’s singing voice always cheers me up.


Green a.live???????????????????????
I’ve listened to Green a.live. The lyrics and that voice moved me.

Today I cried as I read the lyrics.

I love YUI-san’s frank and straight lyrics, and that singing voice.
The weather hasn’t quite settled yet, so please stay strong and healthy.

I am rooting for you ^^ (Really sorry for the long post)

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