YUI Diary (2011.09.29) – Jackie Chan(san)


Jackie Chan (san)

translated by cyclo & Sakuraich 

I wanted to meet him!!

It’s YUI.

An exciting title, ne.

Everyone, are you spending your time in good health?

As the season turns into Autumn, our health can decay easily ne?
I wish we can calmly take care of our body and heart.

I YUI have returned safely from Shanghai !
I’ve managed to safely complete a street live in Shanghai, as well as happily sing at a shopping mall’s event.
I had a chance to go on this trip thanks to the host of [Shanghai Japan Week 2011], Shanghai Japanese Consulate’s Izumi-san.
I am very thankful for the many wonderful stories I was told.

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Many messages of support to Japan.

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????????????Green a.live??????????????????????????
As I was being deeply moved by the many messages, I could strongly sense the words of the written messages (?)
Because the meaning of “Existence” is also a part of Green a.live’s theme, my emotions somewhat overlapped with them.

I was very moved while reading the messages, and wrote one myself as well.

My stay in Shanghai went by in the blink of an eye, I almost regretfully forgot to try any delicious foods! lol

The only one I tried, Da Long Bao (Big Dragon Bun)

Also, Shanghai’s famous sight-seeing place, Wai-Tan!
Amazing scenery isn’t it.

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and, Yu yuan garden.

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“Let’s take a picture while mimicking the credit roll of a Jackie Chan movie!” I said, but there were too many people so I stopped.

There were historical buildings everywhere, so the atmosphere was really different.
I managed to experience various cultures and histories, go around streets and sight-seeing hotspots, it was fun?

The various encounters I’ve had in Shanghai will really be imprinted in my heart.
The people who rushed down to Shanghai, and all the staff who took care of me!
(Haku-san! Shingo-san! Kayokayo!)
Thank you very much!
I look forward to meeting you again!
Xie Xie!!! (Thank you in Mandarin)

dewa dewa adeauchan(san)!



As I was going to buy a cold drink from a Shanghai Cafe, I kept saying “Cool!”.
Then, the manager watching me said “Cold!!”.

I think I definitely can’t be alone in Shanghai.

dewa dewa!!!!!

I had fun!
Truly thank you!!

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But actually… “Ice” is the correct answer..